Boone Lake Association

Cleaning Boone Lake Since 1983

Contacts for Water Quality Issues & Recycling

​TDA   Tennessee Department of Agriculture 

​To discuss water quality problems concerning agriculture and livestock, call Steve Henegar at 423-341-0071

 TDEC    Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation 

To discuss water quality problems concerning mass fish kills, mass tire dumping, etc., callJeff Horton or Mark Braswell at 423-854-5400 

TVA    Tennessee Valley Authority 

To discuss water quality problems at TVA ramps or at the dam, call Rebecca Hayden at 423-467-3804 

TWRA    Tennessee Wildlie Resources Agency 

To discuss water quality problems at TWRA ramps, callRob Lindboem at 423-587-7037 mailbox 316 



Sullivan County:  Call Buck Johnson for questions (279 2879) 

COMPACT FLOURESCENT LIGHT BULB  (CFL) RECYCLE  (Contain mercury & should not be thrown in trash)     

Earth Fare    1735 West State of Franklin, Johnson City, TN 37604  232-1101 

Home Depot Stores           3207 Peoples St., J. C., TN   915-1111

                                          2000 Harrell Rd., Kgpt., TN  378-5000

Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores 180 Marketplace Blvd., J. C., TN  283-4477                                                                                                         2525 East Stone Dr., Kgpt., TN  246-5660 

LARGE FLUORESCENT BULBS TO BE RECYCLED-4 & 8 foot tubes   ( As with CFL’s these bulbs contain Mercury & should not be thrown in the trash.)

Southeast Recycling Technologies, Inc. in Johnson City & Gray.  Will accept the long fluorescent bulbs and other electronics.   There may be a small fee.  Call ahead to check:  282-2022