Boone Lake Association

Cleaning Boone Lake Since 1983


Membership Form

A nonprofit citizens’ group keeping Boone Lake Clean
Dues Level:                                                            Name:____________________________________________ ____$40+Basic Membership                           Spouse/Co-member_________________________________ ____$100+ Supporter                                       Mailing Address: ___________________________________ ____$250+ Partner                                            _________________________________________________ ____$500+ Platinum                                         City:_______________________ST: ____Zip:___________
____$1000+ Major Sponsor                            Email:____________________________________________                                                                                 Telephone:_______________________________________                                                                                Lake Property Address:_____________________________
 City:_______________________ST: ____Zip:___________

All Contributions are tax deductible
____check if you would like a receipt          _____check if you would like to volunteer with BLA (To protect your privacy, we do not share our membership information with anyone)
Mail this completed form along with your dues to: Boone Lake Association, P.O. Box 111, Piney Flats, TN 37686