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Boone Lake Drawdown and BLA

BLA is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping Boone Lake free of trash and debris and improving water quality.    As is everyone who uses and loves the lake, we are very concerned about the environmental and economic impact regarding the news about Boone Dam and the lake levels.  These concerns have been relayed to TVA who  is the governing body of the lake and dam. They are basing their decisions on extensive information and regards for safety.  We welcome your comments on the BLA facebook page but if you would like to also express your concerns directly to TVA, please visit TVA’s facebook page at


Boone Lake to Slowly Rise for Testing

As previously announced, the lake levels at Boone will fluctuate this month to allow us to test the effectiveness of the grout work we’ve completed over the past year on the earthen embankment. Due to the ongoing drought conditions and very low amounts of water entering the reservoirs, we have modified our sequence in the fluctuation to better conserve water resources in the TVA reservoir system.  

Beginning as early as Thursday, Nov. 10, the Boone lake level will begin to rise slowly from its current level of about 1,353 feet above sea level to about 1,355 feet, which is the upper limit of the current operating range for the reservoir.  It will likely take several days to reach that point since the level is anticipated to rise only inches per day.  

We plan to hold the lake at the 1,355 level for several days while the earthen embankment is continuously monitored by an extensive network of more than 200 sensors.  The data we collect will help us make any needed refinements to the repair plan, which remains on schedule and on budget.

Once the testing is complete, the lake level will be lowered back to about 1,352 feet, which is the middle of the current operating range. We anticipate to start lowering the level at some point during the week of Nov. 27th.  We do not plan to lower the lake beyond that point, however weather conditions and normal operations can cause the reservoir to fluctuate anywhere between 1,350 feet and 1,355 feet.

 You can follow the real time lake levels at the Boone webpage.  We appreciate your patience while we take another important step in completing the Boone repair project.

Boone Beach Boat Ramp Re-Opens

The boat ramp at Boone Beach re-opened on Wednesday, Nov. 9, after crews lengthened the surface after some boaters reported trailers dropping off the end of the ramp while launching or retrieving their craft. Some additional “clean-up” work may be completed in the coming days, but will not impact boaters ability to use the ramp. 


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Located in upper East Tennessee, Boone Lake has part of both the Holston and Watauga Rivers and over 600 nearby streams in the area.  

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The Boone Lake Association (BLA) is the only citizen group responsible for conserving Boone Lake by conducting water quality testing, generating water quality reports and continual lake clean-up. As thousands use Boone Lake each year to enjoy fishing and watersports, few understand they have the members of the BLA and their decades of protection to thank for the clean and clear waters.


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